Loyverse POS - Point of Sale App Reviews

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Great app

It has classic interface and their features is great and easy to use

Great app

I use this app for my convenience store and it works great. Everything runs smoothly and I am able see my daily profits easily and neatly organized into graphs. The only feature I would wish to be added is the ability to automatically discount certain items on special when you buy multiple of the same item.

What I need it

Love it

Great App

I have tested this app for 3 weeks now and I fond it very easy to use and Im ready to go live with my 2 shops There are just few dots which I hope they will fix them anytime soon.. 1- adding the category list in the home screen. 2- add more languages in the printed receipt . 3- add currency next to the amount on the receipt. And maybe a receipt designer to modify the printed receipt

Awesome app!

Great service, very intuitive app, fast.

Not for everyone. It still has long way to go.

We run quick service pizzeria with over 300 items including beverages. This POS not meant for companies that have over 50 items. First problem Instead of having categories icon on first screen after login. They give you all items you sell as icons. When you first login into POS. The first screen should always be icons of categories. Instead you have to tab on top left all categories in a list. Then scroll down find category and then find your item inside category. It to time consuming find item to ring up. Just picture you have 30 categories on tiny list. You have find pizza category take 30 secs. It take to long just find category not even item. Another problem if you do delivery this system is not for you. You can not save client address and info to add their address to ticket. When customer call again for delivery there address does not show up again. The receipt paper will not show where delivery goes when come time deliver. Also there is no table set up. In other Pos there is map of dining room. You can select table which one you want use and enter all info of the table orders. Not in Loyverse. Another problem there is no way POS can differentiate order is for takeout, delivery or even dine in. Every ticket show up # and time. Put does not tell u it for here or takeout etc. I highly advise any pizzeria that run 60% of there business for delivery do not use this pos. This pos is meant for retail that have barcode gun or small restaurant with less 50 items on menu including drinks. Loyverse please solve delivery problem.

Can you help to print Taiwan receipt lottery print format?

Can you help to print Taiwan receipt lottery print format like this ? Thank you!


Voy para 2 años utilizandolo y es perfecto

Very easy!

Your support team very good ?

Good app

Good app excellent costume services and fast service

business owner

Downloaded the app and got everyting set up. I was using the app during the test mode and everything seems to check out just fine. i then started using it live at my restaurant 2 days later i updated the app, and now the app keeps crashing when saving a ticket. took me about a few weeks to set up my dish and inventory. Really easy to use and would like to keep using it, but can not use it because app keeps crashing. My only downfall...

Good stuff

Good for small business.The customer service is excellent!

Coffee Shop

Works very well for our needs. Service people are very helpful.

Help Support Fantastic

Lovely versatile app I love it, the support is great!!!!

Perfect POS

Free, Simple, functional and objective ! Congrats Guys !

Perfect POS

This App is the best POS I have ever seen and its totally free. The interface is very clean and simple. Help support is amazingly responsive.

Ready to go live

Testing so far, app looks great, runs well, and just the features we need. Looking forward to a long future with Loyverse.

Great app & super responsive support

The app itself is providing everything weve needed & their support team has been quick to respond and hasnt failed us yet; we would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to start a business on a tight budget! - Facebook.com/LondonFogVape

Great app easy to use

Discovered this app 3 months ago and been using it since to run my food truck business in west Africa. Great app and awesome customer service.

Great POS system

Great POS system that was extremely easy to setup and even easier to use. Would highly recommend it

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