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Loyverse POS - Point of Sale app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 1600 ratings )
Developer: Loyverse
Current version: 1.33, last update: 1 month ago
First release : 02 May 2016
App size: 61.91 Mb

Loyverse POS is the POS (point-of-sale) app perfect for your retail store, cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, beauty salon, kiosk, food truck, car wash or individual business. No ads, no credit card required, no contracts, and no commitments.

Use Loyverse POS free point of sale system instead of a cash register and track sales and inventory in real time, manage items, view sales reports. Build your customer database, send them messages and electronic receipts, collect valuable feedback.

Loyverse POS software helps you turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete, easy to use, intuitive point of sale (retail POS) system enriched with customer relationship management (CRM).

Replace your cash register (till, cash point) with the free POS - sell from your smartphone or tablet
Keep recording sales even while offline
Tag favorite items for faster sales
Manage several POS devices from a single account
Award your customers bonus points based on amount spent
Apply discounts or issue refunds
Print receipts or send electronic receipts to your customers
View sales summary and detailed real-time reports down to a single receipt
Track inventory in real time
Connect a receipt printer, bar code scanner, and cash drawer

Organize items with custom price, description and photo
Group your products into categories
Bulk import and export inventory from/to a CSV file
Set stock levels and receive automatic low stock alerts

Run your own loyalty program to reward your customers for their loyalty
Send push notifications to bring customers back
Receive valuable feedback and send immediate replies

Powerful sales analytics:
- Top-selling items
- Sales per employee
- Shift reports
- Complete sales history
Add employees and manage their access rights
Use other tools to manage your store and grow successful

This POS (Cash Register) and customer loyalty system can be used as cafe POS (cafe point of sale), restaurant POS (restaurant point of sale), retail store POS (retail store point of sale), coffee shop POS (coffee shop point of sale), bar POS (bar point of sale), beauty salon POS (beauty salon point of sale), kiosk POS (kiosk point of sale), food truck POS (food truck point of sale) and in many other areas.


Pros and cons of Loyverse POS - Point of Sale app for iPhone and iPad

Loyverse POS - Point of Sale app good for

It has classic interface and their features is great and easy to use
I use this app for my convenience store and it works great. Everything runs smoothly and I am able see my daily profits easily and neatly organized into graphs. The only feature I would wish to be added is the ability to automatically discount certain items on special when you buy multiple of the same item.
I have tested this app for 3 weeks now and I fond it very easy to use and Im ready to go live with my 2 shops There are just few dots which I hope they will fix them anytime soon.. 1- adding the category list in the home screen. 2- add more languages in the printed receipt . 3- add currency next to the amount on the receipt. And maybe a receipt designer to modify the printed receipt
Can you help to print Taiwan receipt lottery print format like this ? Thank you!
Downloaded the app and got everyting set up. I was using the app during the test mode and everything seems to check out just fine. i then started using it live at my restaurant 2 days later i updated the app, and now the app keeps crashing when saving a ticket. took me about a few weeks to set up my dish and inventory. Really easy to use and would like to keep using it, but can not use it because app keeps crashing. My only downfall...
Works very well for our needs. Service people are very helpful.

Some bad moments

Great app, although it is not working on my iphone after the last update of the ios, can you guys give it a try? The app opens up normally and stays open until I type in the email and password, as soon as I press enter, I see the little present moving and then it closes up completely. Thank you